cappadox official 2020

The Fifth Edition of Cappadox

Cappadox offers attendees a mix of music, contemporary art, gastronomy and outdoor disciplines, maintaining its place as Turkey’s first destination festival. As a multi-disciplinary cultural festival, Cappadox welcomes many Turkish and international artists in its program.

It has received lots of praise ever since its first year and has become an international festival not only with its artists but its attendees as well. In order to respond to the interest and create strong content together with Cappadoxians, Cappadox will start preparing within this year for its fifth edition to be held in 2020.

With the first Cappadox held in 2015 under the theme “Cappadocia Struck”, followed by “Let Us Cultivate Our Garden” in 2016, “Ways Out From The World” in 2017 and “Silence” in 2018, the festival will be held every two years starting in 2020.

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