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GALIF offers a broad range of Expertise in all areas of Destination Management

As a leading Destination Management Company, we are the sages of this beautiful geography. We are the local experts with extensive knowledge, we create, plan and deliver tailor-made experiences with exquisite details & unique ideas designed exclusively for you.

Whether you have an event with complex operation composed of thousands of details or just a thought of it, we run total-package exclusive Destination Management for your company. We specialize in creating bespoke Incentive trips to engage and motivate your entire team.

We understand the changing face of travel, we design out-of the box experiences, with our years of expertise and passion, we plan eccentric tours, we find unlikely venues, dress it up with fine dining and accustomed all your requirements.

When it comes to creating unforgettable experiences
in Turkey, no one does it better.


Our Method to Success

Transparent Budget Management – we will notify you of all expenses.

Risk Mitigation – we always have a backup plan! By analyzing each step of the event, we foresee and take precautions to any possible problems that might occur.

24/7 Support – our dedicated team of professionals will be on site to ensure that everything is taken care of on time.

A trustworthy procurement process with our accredited partners.

Negotiation to get the best service at the price you desire.

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Located at the crossroads of multiple civilizations, Turkey has many stories to tell. Almost every street, every building has a tale to share. In the land of a thousand cultures, every step is a different experience. Turkey is where endless curiosity meets its match. Find out more about what each of our speciality destinations has to offer.

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