Çeşme: Sun, Sand and Style

Çeşme meaning ”fountain” is a small town close to city Izmir located on the west coast at Aegean Sea, famous with its nature, crystal blue sea, golden sand beaches and history. Çeşme has a unique architectural style and a variety of accommodation opportunities from deluxe five-star hotels to small boutique hotels, making it one of the most famous holiday destination in Turkey.

Ancient Greek & Roman Ruins

Çeşme lies in the heart of ruins of Ancient Greece and Hellenic period, neighboring the Ephesus, accepted to be the most important ancient city and one of the best preserved and restored site in Turkey also the last home of Virgin Mary. Besides enjoying the fascinating beaches, you can also stroll for hours along the ancient city of Ephesus, temples, theatres, libraries, houses and statues.

A Windsurf Paradise of Turkey

Alaçatı Bay located in Çeşme is accepted to be one of the top three spots in the world for windsurfers as well as kite-boarders with its completely flat water, constant and steady wind. It’s a paradise for surfers from all levels and the bay is holding both national and international races through-out the year. It’s also perfect for those searching for a quaint village life-style.

A Taste of Çeşme: Fine Dining

Çeşme, being one of the most beautiful destination, is also famous for its restaurants, bars and cafes all offering a tantalizing mix of traditional Aegean and modern Turkish cuisine.

Relaxation & Entertainment

Çeşme is also famous for beach parties with DJ performances all around the world. Whether you prefer endless entertainment or a relaxing vacation, Çeşme offers the best options on the Aegean Coast.

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