jazz night out jazz boat morning

JAZZ Night Out & JAZZ Boat Morning

Jazz festival will spread to every corner of Istanbul, including its waterways. Turning summer nights into colourful jazz nights, the Night Out is a festival classic. Also , The Jazz Boat awaits those in search of a fresh musical experience, with a tour of the Bosphorus.

Jazz Night Out – 1 July 2020 / 21:00

The route will run through Şişhane, Throughout the night, compasses will point toward three venues: the Maestro Donizetti Jazz Club, Salon İKSV and Orni Space. As to the lineup, it comprises such original, performance and music-wise sprightly formations .you are likely not only to walk, but to dance quite a bit as well.

Jazz Boat Morning – 11 JULY 2020 / 11:00

The Jazz Boat provided music lovers with a chance to spend a fresh day of jazz in the hot of the summer. Performances will start before the boat even parts from the pier and resonate on all decks, throughout the trip from Kabataş to Anadolukavağı. If you are looking to enjoy a view of the Bosphorus accompanied by jazz, the Jazz Boat is your match.